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2020-03-06 13:09

ProfiKomp Success Story: Sziget Festival won international award for composting source separated bioplastic wastes

At the “Greener Festival Awards” at the Royal Garden Hotel in London on March 3, 2020, Sziget Festival received international award for the green activities. At the Greener Festival Awards, the greenest festivals are awarded, and this time Sziget Festival won the "Greener Innovations" category prize with its composting system developed in cooperation with ProfiKomp Inc.

The festival was awarded the Innovation Award for a completely new approach and for its implementation. At the 2019 Sziget Festival, cutlery and plates made of biodegradable plastics and contaminated with food leftovers originated from the dining block that provided sustainable nutrition alternatives, called “Mama Earth Eatery” were composted by "ProfiKomp® Mobile Composting Technology". The final product of the composting process, the humus-rich compost, is used for the recultivation of Óbuda Island, thus reducing the festival's ecological footprint.

ProfiKomp® Technologies are capable of utilizing compostable bioplastics, so increasing proportion of these wastes should not pose a problem in the waste treatment, in case biodegradable plastics are collected separately and being composted.

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