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  • 15-10-2019

    Congratulations, Dr. Dénes Kovács!

    There is an increase again in PhD degrees at ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc.

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  • 01-05-2019

    Our website has been renewed

    We inform visitors to our website and our partners that, from July 2019, the website of Profikomp Environmental Technologies will be renewed.

    We will not change the usual contact details, the continuous quality of content and stable background. What is new is the fresh content, new design, and clear website structure.

    We hope that you will become interested in our products and services and wish you a pleasant visit to our website.

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  • 01-05-2019

    Development of small-scale, automated membrane-covered composting technologies

    The ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc. has started to develop a small-scale, automated, membrane-covered composting technology.

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  • 01-12-2018

    Technological development of microalgae culturing system

    The ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc. and its consortium partner - HDH Engineer Ltd. - have started to co-operate and develop a microalgae culturing system  using 3D printed modular units with unique geometry. The project is involved in the 'Research, development and Innovation' grant sceme.


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Company name: ProfiKomp® North America
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9040 S. Rita Road Suite 1270 Tucson, AZ 85747

Telephone: (520) 449-1890

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