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Cutting-edge waste management systems

The objective of the training is to familiarize participants with the structure and operation of complex waste management systems, their units, amounts, utilization methods and opportunities for specific waste streams.

Institute registration number: E-001677/2017

Training registration number: E-001677/2017/D001
Category: D

Objective of the training:

To familiarize participants with complex waste management systems, their makeup and operation and how they are utilized with specific waste streams.

Target group of training:

Interested Individuals.

Content of course unit:

  • General waste management: concepts, definitions, typical industry regulations and directives, the concept of the Circular Economy, waste streams, waste types, waste prevention, selective collection, utilization, complex systems    

Duration of training program:

  • Classroom: 6 hours
  • Practical: 2 hours
  • Total: 8 hours

Form of training: Group training

Criterion for issuing the Training Program Certificate:

  • participation in the entire training
  • full payment of training fee

Company name: ProfiKomp® North America
Address: 9040 S. Rita Road Suite 1270
Tucson, AZ 85747

9040 S. Rita Road Suite 1270 Tucson, AZ 85747

Telephone: (520) 449-1890

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