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ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc. has published BioWaste Magazine since 2006 in English and Hungarian. It focuses on the utilization of biodegradable wastes, mainly on composting and mechanical-biological waste treatment. The Magazine provides information about changes in legislation and international trends, introduces model plants worldwide, discusses technological developments, and includes articles about renewable energy sources. In the Scientific section, you can read high quality scientific papers


The magazine is published twice a year in traditional, printed form.  Price: 890,- HUF. If you would like to buy the latest issue or subscribe to the magazine, please contact us.





On our website, you can view and read earlier issues of the magazine. To search and view the archives of BioWaste Magazine you need to register. If you have not registered yet, please click on the REGISTRATION button. If you already registered, please click on the LOG IN button to start viewing our earlier issues..

Company name: ProfiKomp® North America
Address: 9040 S. Rita Road Suite 1270
Tucson, AZ 85747

9040 S. Rita Road Suite 1270 Tucson, AZ 85747

Telephone: (520) 449-1890

E-mail address:

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