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ProfiKomp® Technologies

ProfiKomp® Biowaste Treatment Technologies have been successfully used for over 20 years. They are efficient, reliable and economical. The experts at ProfiKomp® provide innovative, complete solutions for their customers biowaste processing needs.


What makes ProfiKomp® Technologies innovative?

  • ProfiKomp® Technologies are developed by a world class team of 26 engineers (6 Phd's) who focus on one thing, organic waste treatment technologies and meeting circular economy challenges.
  • With the right mix of feedstocks, they are suitable for treating any biodegradable waste.
  • Depending on the treatment objectives, several technology solutions can be applied: composting, mechanical-biological waste treatment and biodrying.
  • Various breathable membrane solutions are available including covered windrows, covered side-wall units and the cutting-edge totally enclosed (ProfiKomp® Lifting System – PLS).
  • ProfiKomp® Technologies undergo continuous development to provide solutions that meet the latest technical, environmental and regulatory standards.


Why are ProfiKomp® Technologies the best choice for you?

  • ProfiKomp® Technologies are accepted treatment solutions with over 100 facilities operating worldwide.
  • ProfiCover® breathable membrane laminate reduces odor and VOC emissions by over 90%, that's great for the neighbors and great for the fight against climate change. 
  • ProfiCover® systems are cost effective and meet the strict requirements of environmental BAT (Best Available Technology) criteria.
  • ProfiKomp® provides custom solutions tailored to meet a client's individual needs.
  • ProfiCover® systems eliminate the need for biofilters or biocovers typically used on other ASP technologies. That means smaller blowers, smaller footprints and no biofilter media procurement, preparation, placement, watering, removal and disposal.
  • And, the best part of using ProfiCover® systems? The fact that they produce high quality marketable compost products with any type or quantity of acceptable feedstock as long as operating instructions are followed.


What is the ProfiKomp® Complete Service Package?

  • Needs analysis and basic engineering service with optimal technology recommendations;
  • If required, the preparation of feasibility studies, specific project support and project recommendations;
  • The technology is provided, from the installation of hardware and control systems, with equipment checks and complete start-up support;
  • ProfiKomp® Technology expertise is provided through: complete technical documentation and multi-step operator training;
  • After sales service if required.

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ProfiKomp® Composting Technologies

The ProfiCover® Systems consist of three main components: ProfiCover® breathable membrane covers, aeration blowers and a control system. In addition to the main components,  ProfiKomp® offers basic engineering services, multiple cover handling options, start-up training and support and after sales consulting to ensure smooth system operation. The ProfiCover® System controls oxygen content through positive aeration while temperature changes are monitored at different points in the heap. ProfiCover® creates a controlled environment and ideal conditions for the chemical and biological processes occurring in the process. Odour and other emissions such as dust and volatile organic compounds are effectively reduced by over 90%. There is no need for the use of biofilters. Moisture content when properly established at the start of the process eliminates the need to add water for the remainder of the process resulting in greatly reduced water requirements and more optimal pile conditions. And, ProfiCover® keeps rainwater out of your heaps, again resulting in more optimal conditions within the heap. The result? A system designed to meet today's demanding regulatory requirements for VOC and odor reduction while producing a high quality stable and mature compost product. All this is achieved while reducing facility footprint, energy demand, water resources and labour requirements.


The versatility of ProfiKomp® Technologies


ProfiKomp® covered aerated windrow system

  • Technically the easiest solution, trapezoid covered windrows without side walls;
  • Low investment cost;
  • Can be built above ground or in ground;
  • Higher labor requirements and operating costs compared to more complex ProfiKomp® systems.


ProfiKomp® side-wall system

  • Technically a more complex system, therefore initial investment costs are higher;
  • In-process compost is confined by concrete side walls allowing for clear boundaries and easily separable units affording a more aesthetically pleasing site and gentler cover handling.
  • Lower labor requirements compared to the ProfiKomp® covered aerated windrow system and more efficient cover handling machinery, therefore lower operational costs.
  • Higher containment of the composting process results in higher performance per unit.

ProfiKomp® Lifting System - PLS

  • ProfiKomp®'s highest technology option - a totally enclosed process.
  • Requires the smallest footprint and delivers the highest performance per unit.
  • Encapsulated technology during the whole process resulting in extremely low odor emission.
  • The system is the most isolated from the environment and therefore the least affected by external impacts or weather conditions.
  • Well-automated system with easy digital control which also fulfils the requirements of Industry 4.0.
  • Complete fulfilment of industrial requirements based on BAT References Documents (BREF).



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9040 S. Rita Road Suite 1270 Tucson, AZ 85747

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