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Laboratory tests

In the research laboratory that has been set up at the Profikomp® Innovation and Education Centre we con­duct numerous forms of research-based testing of waste materials, soils, composts, soil conditioners and fertilizer products using modern techniques and tools to determine their physical, chemical and biological parameters.

In the Research Laboratory we have bioreactors for simulating and studying all stages of the process from biowaste to finished products to include: analysis of raw materials, compost process simulation, odour emission potential measurements and the determination of product quality pa­rameters.

In our Phytotron we are able to examine the effect of fertilizer products on germination with the help of standardized phytotoxicity tests.



  • examination of waste materials and by-products,
  • determination of biodegradability and compostability,
  • testing physical, chemical and biological parameters



  • process tracking,
  • compost process simulations,
  • gas emissions measurements,
  • odour measurement with dynamic olfactometry,
  • baseline studies for impact area determination with field olfactometer



  • Testing of composts, soil amendments and soil conditioning materials for
  • phytotoxicity, germination inhibi­tion effects,
  • maturity tests and respiration activity (AT4 value)


Examination of Fertilizers

  • Testing for product quality parameters,
  • plant growth tests in a modern phytotron,
  • weed seed germination tests,
  • algae tests.


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9040 S. Rita Road Suite 1270 Tucson, AZ 85747

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